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What is Soft Coaching?

Photo of a woman talking on a cell phone while looking out the window and smiling.

Faster, lighter coaching

Soft coaching is a type of coaching that is faster and lighter than traditional coaching, and that pays special attention to the clarification of needs, including emotional needs.


At Tirezio we enjoy using the bubble format. A bubble is a 20-minute phone conversation. A trained soft coach listens to you and asks a few questions that help you reflect on a problem you want to solve or soft skills you want to develop. It is a mindful space where you can talk about anything. Saying things out loud helps you find new energy, get clarity on what you and others need, and find resources to drive positive change within and around you.

When we offer bubbles to several people in the same organisation, we detect important needs that are being neglected (most of the time un consciously) and help the organisation act on them. We use a trusted methodology for raising leadership's awareness on crucial topics while empowering each individual to take responsibility for the conversations they know they need to have.

Bubbles: Services

Want your own Bubbles, for you or for your organisation?

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