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What is Kedo?

Photo of a woman talking on a cell phone while looking out the window and smiling.

Micro-coaching: fast coaching with a mindful twist

Kedo is a listening & questioning approach that has similar effects to coaching, but is typically practiced in short formats (typically 5 to 20 minutes for individual conversations called "bubbles") over the phone.


Kedo is often reported as having comparable benefits to mindfulness practices -- meditation, yoga, breathwork, etc. -- such as stress reduction, improved emotional regulation and enhanced cognitive performance. It is used in organisations to improve interpersonal communication and develop soft skills through situational learning. 

Since its inception in 2017 by Sebastien Dupuis, founder of Tirezio, the method has grown to include a wide range of individual and collective techniques, many of which can be learned through train-the-trainer programs. To try it yourself, check out the dates online discovery workshops:

Bubbles: Services

Want your own Bubbles, for you or for your organisation?

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