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Business Meeting

Listening Training Programs

On-the-job listening training for leaders, managers, HR, customer-facing teams and more
Advanced listening training for internal and external coaches

Business Meeting

Kedo Workshops

Engage your colleagues through kedo exercises that help them 
connect with their emotional intelligence & relational skills

What we do: Services
Photo of Tim Leberecht

Listening is the prerequisite of intimacy, and intimacy is the foundation for a culture of trust and wellbeing at work. In this sense, Tirezio's progressive listening exercises were truly transformative for me. Their simple yet sophisticated Bubble approach helped me become better at listening to others - and myself.

Collective soft coaching

Below are some examples of our work

Contact us to find out how progressive listening can help your organisation

Rocks stacked in a tower
Boat with rowers going through rough water

Emotional resilience
& employee retention

Reducing turnover through enhanced management skills

Client story: International scaleup​

Faced with a high employee turnover rate in a software development team, HR assumed poor work/life balance was causing the issue. However, within the first 20 Bubbles, it became clear that the poor practices of some inexperienced managers were at play. HR engaged with the teams and improved their mentoring programs to help middle managers step up to their roles and better retain key employees.

Listening habits
for client-facing teams

Understand and retain your clients better by helping your team adopt great listening habits


Sales team dynamics

Boosting a sales team's operational performance

Client story: Consulting company

The commercial team was struggling with a low deal success rate. By taking a few 20-minute Bubbles to reflect on what could be improved, the team quickly identified gaps in the sales follow-up process, and leadership took steps to create a new sales admin role that significantly increased performance. ​

What we do: Services
Photo of Farzana Hussain

"Progressive listening: what a wonderful opportunity to use our listening skills to empower the person talking. At first, I found it challenging to not interrupt and offer advice. However, the method works a treat. Through sticking to the script, the questions and planned silence allowed the speaker to step back and explore the issue deeper. I can't wait to practise progressive listening with people within my team."

Farzana Hussain

Keynote addresses & seminars

Below are some examples of our work

Contact us to find out how progressive listening can help your organisation

Multiple hands on a tree trunk
Office workers doing a collective high-five
Image Building Trust
4 hands grasping the next persons wrist to make a linked square

across silos & mindsets

Transforming leadership habits

Client story:

CAC40 company in the energy sector

With just a few Bubbles in a newly-reshuffled team, within a few weeks, management got insights that helped remove painful friction in a broader transformation project and raised leadership’s awareness on strategic and operational blindspots.

Remote & hybrid
team communication

Engage your teams through healthy communication habits

Each organisation is different. We co-create with you and design conversation rituals that work for everybody on your team

(Re)building trust

Facilitating a new manager’s arrival

Client story:

Geneva-based international organisation

Faced with resistance and passive-aggressive behaviours, a young manager turned a challenging situation into a successful outcome for all stakeholders. Within a few weeks, she had realised the role she’d played in upsetting some of the team members and quickly drew learnings that helped her grow and build trusted relationships with her colleagues.

What we do: Services
Photo of Anne-Julie

"I was very pleasantly surprised by this introduction to progressive listening, which was brief, effective and of great depth. I think we should all learn to listen better ..! I came away with concrete tools that I can already apply, thank you for this gift!"


How about a
with us?

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If you are a coach, mediator, facilitator, change consultant, an HRtech platform or just a well-intentioned professional who wants to contribute to the collective wisdom of organisations, then let's have a conversation.

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