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Who are we?

We are humans who enjoy connecting people and organisations with conversations they are grateful for.

It started from a simple observation: there are a lot of inefficiencies in organisations - and sometimes useless suffering - due to the fact that people don't always have the right conversations at the right moments. We are on a mission to change that, one conversation at a time.

We do this by getting people to discover, learn and adopt co-listening, a novel approach that builds on decades of research -- in the fields of active listening, clean language, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, systemic coaching and more -- to help people achieve their individual and collective goals faster through engaging, energising conversations.

As a for-purpose-before-profit business, we happily invest a share of our energy into helping other purpose-driven organisations. If you are a B Corp or an organisation with collaborative values and a noble cause, contact us to have a conversation and find out how we can help.

Our Team

Founder, Co-CEO
Progressive Listening Trainer


Sébastien Dupuis

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Claude Duarte.jfif

Claude Duarte

Business Development 

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Céline Chevalley

People & Training Facilitator

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Alexandre Gassoul

Marketing & PMO

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Nadja Feddermann

Community Facilitator

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Alysha 2.jpg

Alysha Reinard

IT Support

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Tirezio SA

Impact Hub

Rue Fendt 1, Geneva 1201, Switzerland

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