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Working Together

Who are we?

We are a team of humans who enjoy helping people have the conversations they want to have.

We started from a simple observation: there are a lot of inefficiencies in organisations (and useless tensions) due to the fact that people sometimes find it hard to have timely, productive conversations. 

To change that, we help people become aware of positive conversations they can generate for themselves and for others.

We reinvest part of our revenues into helping impact-driven organisations. If you are a B Corp and/or an organisation with strong values and a meaningful cause, contact us to find out if you are eligible for special deals.

What people say about co-listening

tim leberecht.png

Listening is the prerequisite of intimacy, and intimacy is the foundation for a culture of trust and wellbeing at work. In this sense, Tirezio's co-listening exercises were truly transformative for me. Their simple yet sophisticated Bubble approach helped me become better at listening to others - and myself.

Tim Leberecht, co-founder and CEO, House of Beautiful Business

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Click here to learn how Tirezio and the connect-19 initiative are supporting people and organisations impacted by the coronavirus outbreak

How? With Bubbles of co-listeningCo-listening is faster than coaching andhelps teams solve thorny problems and build deeper relationships through systemic emotional intelligence  

Same-day rollout

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