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connect-19 initiative: Welcome


The connect-19 initiative was created to assist people and organisations impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

We do this by offering Bubbles - proactive phone conversations that connect people, create a space for self-expression and empower individuals and teams to perform better under disruptive and unusual conditions.

After providing pro bono emotional support to dozens of organisations in the early days of the crisis, we now help select organisations have conversations for creating a meaningful new normal.

This initiative is powered by Tirezio and by a community of listeners who have been trained on Tirezio's original Bubble methodolody. 

Want Bubbles?

What conversations would you like to have happen in your organisation?

connect-19 initiative: Text

Bubbles are short, individual phone conversations with a Tirezio Bubble practitioner. Bubbles help teams have more meaningful conversations & make better decisions through the power of listening.

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Want to help?

Are you a professional listener (facilitator, organisational coach, etc.)? Are you willing to donate a bit of time over the phone and improve your active listening skills? If so, click the button below:

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