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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does a Bubble require any preparation?
A: No.

A Bubble doesn't require any preparation. Just find a place where you are comfortable speaking on the phone, then sit back and relax. If you have one or more topics you’d like to bring to the Bubble, that’s great. If not, the Bubble partner will guide you through the conversation, which is designed to help you connect with yourself and with other people. Enjoy the Bubble!


Q: How do I make the most out of a Bubble?
A: Be your authentic self.

A Bubble is a safe space. There is nothing you can say that your Bubble partner can't hear. Of course you are not expected to share things you don't feel comfortable sharing, but the more you say about what's going on for you, the more likely the conversation is to help you see things clearly and find a way forward.

Q: How confidential is a Bubble?
A: Very confidential. But there is something special about our methodology, so please read on.

We have a very strong confidentiality commitment to you as an individual. Not only the content of individual conversations (Bubbles or otherwise) is strictly confidential, but even the fact that you've been offered a Bubble is not something for us to share.

As an illustration of this, when contracting with our customers, we make it clear that we will report on the number of conversations we've had in the organisation, and not on whom we've had (or haven't had) conversations with. If people want to talk about their Bubbles with colleagues, that's great, but we go to great lengths to make sure this information isn't shared without people's own consent.

Here's something we want you to be aware of: our methodology sometimes requires confidential exchanges between Bubble partners who have been speaking with people in the same organisation. In these exchanges, we encourage Bubble partners to share information with other Bubble partners, who are also bound by the same confidentiality commitment. Such information may be used for operational purposes and/or for gathering collective insights to be shared in Valsalvadora sessions.

If there is anything you say in a Bubble that you don't want your Bubble partner to share with anyone, even with other Bubble partners, please mention it to your Bubble partner.

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